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Hobs can be classified into two types – stainless steel hobs or tempered  glass hobs (or sometime it’s called toughened glass hobs). Stainless steel hobs, it's non-breakable & lasting. Today, some stainless steel hobs have been designed to be glass-look or mirror-look. For tempered glass hobs, they usually won't break but they may break under certain force-circumtances. However, in IZOTON, great emphasis has been placed to ensure the quality of the glass - every piece of glass has gone through stringent test . We also try to reduce or minimise the risk of hurting users by ensuring that the glass will break into small pieces when its broken. Furthermore, every piece of glass top is re-inforced with heat-resistance foil so to reduce chances of broken glass being "flying" around after broken.

The quality of the flame depends a lot on the types of burner heads used and also the diameter of the burner heads,  whereas the durability of the burner heads depend heavily on the type of materials used to make. Today, quite a number of hobs have been attached with gas-leak sensor so to reduce the risk of explosion in the event that the flame is blown out by wind or water overflow. As you are browsing through our IZOTON web, you will find a wide range of hobs with different features and types of flames to meet your needs. Again, in  IZOTON, we always emphasize on quality, safety & durability.